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Hey Rooney


Hey Rooney x Damaged Goods

Andy Simmonds, better known as Hey Rooney, is a sought after illustrator here in New York City. His fun and sometimes suggestive images inspire pure glee, a brew of high hues and witty humor. His work has largely focused on gay identity and challenging the role that masculinity plays in today’s society. He has been featured in OUT Magazine, Teen Vogue, and famously on Instagram Stickers.

We decided late last year to partner with Hey Rooney to create fun valentine cards for everyone to enjoy. We worked together to create two brand new designs using vivid color palettes and minimal imagery, the end result being three cards that we are proud to have our name on. These fun cards were printed in small limited edition batches that won’t be around for long!


                                                                                photo by Ryan Duffin

                                                                                photo by Ryan Duffin

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